AnyBackup FTP

AnyBackup FTP 1.75

More data need to be backed up? AnyBackup makes that simple!As...

More data need to be backed up? AnyBackup makes that simple! As website is very popular now, AnyBackup FTP Edition is designed specially to backup FTP Server.

It could backup FTP Server data by schedule or incrementally to local machine. AnyBackup FTP Edition is a must for every WEB administrators! As we know personal website is usually being placed in virtue host, in which case, administrator has too little control permission to use Task Schedule to backup, instead, administrators use fussy and much less safe manual backup to do job.

Now we have AnyBackup FTP Edition to solve all the problems. AnyBackup FTP Edition enables administrators work out Task Schedule in local machine and uses it to backup data on daily, weekly or even hourly bases to implement incremental backup and multi-version management of personal websites.

AnyBackup provides Server Edition, CD/DVD Edition, FTP Edition, and Home Edition to meet your specific requirements. It is the best candidate to protect your Desktop, File Server, Web Server.